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Commercial Drone Operation Training: What To Expect?

Posted by Reggie Hillman on Sep 16, 2016

When it comes to drones, their small size can create somewhat of an illusion, but the power of these miniature aviation devices should not be measured by their size. Successfully operating a drone takes more than interest, but it also takes skill. For this reason, those commercial entities looking to incorporate the use of drones within their operation must adhere to federal guideline by having all operators complete a drone training course. Knowing what to expect can help you better prepare for the program. Aviation Basics As previously mentioned, the small size of drones often causes people to underestimate their power. However, when you take any object hundreds of feet off the ground – its power should never be underestimated. For this reason, many training courses begin with aviation basics, or the basics of flight. Although flying a drone isn’t the equivalent of flying a 747 jet airliner, when it comes to the physics of flying, they are surprisingly somewhat the same. From learning the fundamentals of gravity, thrust, lift, and drag, these basic lessons set the tone for flying the craft. Federal Guidelines One of the most important aspects of a training course is thoroughly understanding the federal guidelines imposed on commercial operators. Key factors discussed are identifying no fly zones and understanding height restrictions for your local area, drone registration, and a host of other details. It’s important to understand that these guidelines remain in place even if the drone will never travel off your commercial property....

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SAT Math Made Easy: How To Help Your Student Prep For The Test

Posted by Reggie Hillman on Aug 17, 2016

Gone are the days when SAT math meant memorizing random facts that you’d never use in real life. Today’s college prep test focuses on concepts that high school grads will need later on – when they eventually enter the workforce. That said, SAT math prep (as well as getting ready for the SAT English exam) is still just as important as ever. Even though the test may change, students will need to spend time studying, preparing and learning test-taking strategies. You want to help your child master the test, but aren’t sure exactly where to start. Check out these tips and strategies for getting started. Find a Tutor Okay, so this one is fairly obvious. But, finding the ‘just right’ tutor doesn’t mean just pointing and picking. Your child is unique. He’s an individual, and may not learn like every other kid in his class. This means that the tutor needs to understand and connect with his learning style. An SAT math prep tutor (or English tutor) should have strategies that are specific to your child and how he processes information. This makes the most of the tutoring time and helps him to feel more comfortable with the material. Talk to Test-Takers Not knowing what to expect is anxiety-producing. This is true in any situation, not just the SAT. It’s completely understandable when your child says he’s feeling fearful or stressed about the upcoming exam (especially on the first time around). Take some of the pressure off by showing...

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3 Reasons To Consider Dance Lessons For Your Children

Posted by Reggie Hillman on Jun 22, 2016

One very useful hobby to consider getting your children involved in is dance, mostly because this hobby and art form can help your children in a variety of ways that range from physical benefits to the opportunity to make more friends. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider signing your children up for dance lessons. Help With Socialization It can often be difficult for many children to find friends or simply to put themselves out there and socialize with people. However, dance lessons can help your children meet many prospective new friends by putting them into a place where there are numerous other children that are learning the same skills and hobby. In addition, dance is often not a solitary activity, so enrolling your children into a dance class will push them into interacting and cooperating with other people frequently, which can help them develop social skills or work through social anxiety. Improved Physical Fitness A major concern for many parents is the fact that it seems like their children are becoming more content and willing to take up more sedentary hobbies, such as watching television or playing video games. While these hobbies are not typically harmful, they do not really help your children remain active and healthy, which can cause issues with their physical health over time.  However, dance lessons can ensure that your children remain in shape due to the often strenuous workout that certain forms of dance can provide. In addition, dance...

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Answering A Couple Of Common Questions About Barber Colleges

Posted by Reggie Hillman on May 20, 2016

A career as a barber can be an excellent way of providing yourself with a stable, lucrative and personally rewarding career. However, it is a fact that there are many people that are not particularly informed about what it takes to become a barber. If this is a career that you have only recently started to consider pursuing, you might benefit from learning the following answers to these common barber school questions. Do You Have To Attend Barber College? There are some individuals that may not like the idea of having to go through school, but most states will require you to attend one of these schools in order to obtain your license. In addition to being a licensing requirement, the skills that you learn in barber school will be essential for providing your clients with the highest-quality service possible. For example, these programs will teach you the differences and care needs for the various types of hair that you will encounter. Additionally, you will learn about some of the basic tasks for running a barbershop, such as managing expenses and keeping the facility in compliance with local health codes. What If You Will Struggle To Pay The Tuition For Attending Barber College? Unfortunately, there are many potential students that may not think that attending a barber college is a practical option. This concern can often stem from the fact that these courses may represent a sizable investment in your skillset. For those with very limited financial resources, it...

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How To Better Realize Your Start-Up Plans: Specializing With A Business Information Degree

Posted by Reggie Hillman on Apr 19, 2016

If you’ve chosen to major in business because you want to eventually start a company of your own, you may want to add a little “oomph” to your resume by specializing. While some business majors add value with emphases like international business or accounting, have you ever considered a business information degree? Take a look at how this training could make your future start-up more successful one day. You Will Have a Footing In Both Information Technology (IT) and Good Business Practices. Business information is a spanning field that covers not only how IT is used, but how it can best be applied to your entrepreneurship goals. You can be a bridge to those in your future IT department and those who specialize in other areas. Besides emphasizing technical aptitudes, this degree also covers best management practices, such as how to apply business ethics/law and how to sustain a business through marketing. In short, these degrees dip their toes into many other emphases, so you will have the advantage of both specializing and having a well-rounded skillset. Your Degree Will Cover Skills That Are Vital to Start-ups According to, those wishing to have successful start-ups need to have the following skills: an understanding of data and technical information an understanding of sales an emotional intelligence As previously stated, this degree can give you a nice background in technology that is applicable to your sector. For instance, you will most likely need to be experienced in HTML and Excel. If you...

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3 Tips for Affordable Preschool

Posted by Reggie Hillman on Mar 29, 2016

Sending your child to preschool is going to cost money since preschool is not required like K-12 schooling is. However, even though it costs money, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send your child to preschool. Sending your child to preschool is a great way for your child to adjust to the schooling system and become more comfortable with being away from home. Preparing your child for school in this way is a great way to ensure better success. Since preschool can be pricey, here are three tips for finding affordable preschools: Choose a Preschool Outside Your Neighborhood: Some areas are pricier than others when it comes to choosing a preschool. Because of this, you may consider going outside of your neighborhood where preschools are more affordable. Of course, you have to be sure that the pick up and drop off times are still convenient with your own commute to work and that you are not spending a considerable amount in gas. However, even just going one neighborhood over is sometimes enough to get a better price.  Choose an In-Home Preschool: Large preschools that are run by large companies are definitely a bit pricier, but for good reason. These preschools often have a curriculum that is similar to what your child will experience once they start school. However, if you are looking for something more affordable, you may consider an in-home preschool instead. These preschool environments are held in a person’s home and, because of state requirements, will have to...

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Audio Recording

Using the right type of technology, you can create digital audio recordings for all sorts of uses. Even newbies find the process isn't as hard as they expected.

Mixing Audio

Mixing is a process that involves combining multiple channels of audio into one finished product. With today's digital audio equipment, creating that one channel is easier than ever.

Mastering Audio

Master recordings are used to create multiple copies for distribution. The trick is create a master that can be used to make lots of copies without suffering severe degradation.